Who We Are

We are a corporate short-term rental housing provider since 2019. We started as an Extended-Stay furnished apartment rental company to house first responders and travel nurses during the Covid pandemic. We have successfully accommodated hundreds of traveling professionals and we are actively looking to expand to new locations.

How It Works?

1. We sign a lease with you

2. We pay you regular monthly rent

3. We provide accommodation for our vetted corporate clients

4. We take care of cleaning, maintenance and safety

We Are Your Best Tenant

We’re here to stay: we want to save you time and cost of lost rental income between turnovers and finding new tenants.

One-stop-shop: we rent multiple units from you so you don't need to deal with multiple individuals and your rental payments are not dependent on a 9-5 Job/Covid/etc.

All of our units are professionally designed to look as good as your model units, and they are being cleaned and inspected regularly.

Our interest is aligned with your business. We respect you as a partner and we invest our funds in your business for a mutual success.

We Are Not Subletting

There is no subletting. We are your only tenant and our clients are considered *guests* per our business model and the legal agreement they sign. Our clients are travel nurses and business professionals, whom only stay for a predetermined period of time. In short, guests do not share any tenant rights or privileges.

Safety and Security

All clients are required to submit their ID and Social Security number for criminal background check.

All of our properties are equipped with security systems, door-cameras, smart-locks, noise monitoring devices with 24/7 virtual surveillance.

Doorbell cameras: allows us to verify the guest, the correct number of the guest and their pet/s if allowed. Our security team constantly reviews and reports to our costumer service throughout the day.

Smart door-lock: allows us to grant/deny access to whomever we want, whenever we want. Each team member and guest has their own access code and the attempts/accesses of each individual is constantly being logged in along with a live footage for maximum security.

Noise monitoring: we use NoiseAware and MUNUT nose monitoring devices installed in each unit that constantly measures the decibel levels. In case it is getting too loud or there is an unauthorized pet (it also detects pet noises such as barking), it sends an alert to our security team to follow the standard operating procedure to handle the situation. It is in our house rules and signed agreement that our quiet hours are after 10pm.

Guests are aware and agreed in written format that their reservations are cancelled without any refund if they break any of the house rules such noise, party, smoking and etc.

* Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions. It is our pleasure to assist you.